Mr. Donahue’s Total Surrender:

Enterprising Scoundrels – Book 1 – Coming January 2022

Originally printed on Amazon Vella

Calista Faulkner had a plan: go to England, get married, and save her father from ruin. Instead, she’s now stuck in London, penniless and without the husband she’d pinned her hopes on. Desperate to return home, she seeks employment at a hotel – as a scullery maid – a far cry from the social status she has otherwise been accustomned to. But when a chance encounter with the hotel’s owner, Mr. Donahue, leads to a change of fortune and her acquaintance with him deepens, she must face her most difficult choice yet: to leave behind the man she’s falling in love with in order to do her duty.

ISBN: 978-1726259309

The Complete Series