The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda:

A Summersby Tale – Book 3


Lucy Blackwell is desperate, reckless, and maybe a little bit crazy. That’s the only possible explanation for tricking a man she doesn’t know into a dance, a kiss, and an engagement—all in the middle of the biggest ball of the year! But Lord William Summersby is the final piece of her grand plan, and she’ll do what it takes to make this marriage of convenience work—as long as it’s convenient for her. She just never counted on falling in love . . .


The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda
Avon Impulse ISBN: 9780062225399




Of all the books I’ve written, this was the most difficult. I’m not sure why exactly, but for some peculiar reason I just couldn’t seem to figure out the plot, and when I eventually did, I decided that I didn’t like what I’d written. So, I ended up deleting about two thirds of it and starting over – with a deadline looming! Thankfully, it all worked out in the end =)

If you enjoyed the characters from my previous books, you’ll be happy to know that Alexandra, Michael, Ryan and Mary all appear as secondary characters, along with Lord Summersby and Lady Lindhurst. 

The action is divided between Moorland Manor in England and Constantinople, which I hope you’ll agree adds that touch of adventure that’s been prevalent in the previous Summersby books. That’s all I’m going to say about it however as I fear anything more might ruin the element of surprise.

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