Born in Denmark, Sophie has spent her youth traveling with her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish, English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

She has studied design in Paris and New York and has a bachelor’s degree from Parson’s School of design, but most impressive of all – she’s been married to the same man three times, in three different countries and in three different dresses.

While living in Africa, Sophie turned to her lifelong passion – writing.

When she’s not busy, dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching romantic comedies and, of course, reading. She currently lives on the East Coast.




  1. She took tap dancing lessons from the age of six until the age of ten.
  2. Un-agented, she managed to secure her first contract with Avon Books – her number 1 publisher of choice. She has also made her own website and her first five book trailers on her own. Coming up with creative marketing ideas, like the advent story that she ran on her website in 2013, and the online flip book she created for Lady Sarah’s Sinful Desires, has been a fun experience for her.
  3. When relaxing with family and friends, she loves to play board games – especially Carcasonne, Bohnansa and Puerto Rico.
  4. Her favorite ‘costume movie’ is Gone with the Wind.
  5. As much as she’s always enjoyed writing, it was never something that she thought she’d make a career of, but rather something she imagined would make a good hobby one day. Fortunately, her opinion about that has changed.
  6. She used to love acting and has played both the wicked witch in a Snow Whitepantomime, Adriana in Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors and an old, dying woman in Oliver Twist.
  7. Of all the countries she’s ever traveled to, her favorites are New Zealand and Mallorca. She hopes one day to visit Greece, China and South Africa too.
  8. She loooooooooooves Tiramisu and Creme Brulee.
  9. Her favorite art museums are, Musee D’Orsay in Paris and Glyptoteket in Copenhagen.
  10. She spent ten years of her childhood in the south of Spain.
  11. As far as theatrical performances go, her favorites are: The Phantom of the Operaand The Magic Flute. Unfortunately she’s only seen the first half of Phantom since she spent the second half in a London hospital.
  12. Her favorite movies are: SabrinaThe Princess BrideTo Catch a ThiefSomewhere in Timeand My Fair Lady.
  13. Her favorite TV shows are: Blacklist, Blind Spot and Supernatural
  14. She enjoys DIY and is proud of having put up molding on her own while her husband was away on business.
  15. Sophie loves Christmas, especially in Scandinavia where it’s the biggest holiday of the year.




“Appealing protagonists, immense emotional intensity, and a thread of suspense combine to make this a standout.”

(Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review) The Duke of Her Desire – 2018)

“Regency fans will happily devour this tale’s heady passion, comical interludes, and engaging story.”

(Publishers Weekly (Starred review) The Trouble With Being A Duke – 2013)


“Readers will be glued to this first-rate romantic adventure.”

(Publishers Weekly (Starred review) The Scandal In Kissing An Heir – 2013)


“A fun, fast-paced, wish-fulfilling romance that tugs at readers’ hearts.”

(Romantic Times BOOKclub)


“…a flawless, fairy tale-like romance that will enchant readers with its perfect blend of sharp wit and sizzling sensuality.” (Booklist)




The Illigitimate Duke – Coming August 28th 2018


United in a common cause…

Lady Juliette Matthews longs to be much more than just another pretty ornament in society. But using her recently acquired fortune to do some good is more complicated than she anticipated. Young ladies are not expected to risk their safety in helping the less fortunate. And the one gentleman who could help in her mission is stubborn, infernally handsome—and far too honorable to act on their mutual attraction.

And in a desire impossible to deny…

Florian Lowell has suddenly been made heir to the Duke of Redding—a far cry from his status as a dedicated physician. Yet even with his new role as the country’s most eligible bachelor, the beautiful, fearless Juliette is utterly beyond his reach. The scandalous circumstances of his birth would destroy both their reputations if they became known. But when a more urgent danger threatens Juliette’s life, Florian must gamble everything…including the heart only one woman can tame.

The Illegitimate Duke
ISBN: 978-0062849724





  • How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back:Emily Rutherford & Francis Riley

January 31st 2012 – ISBN: 9780062190321

  • Five Golden Rings:Leonora Campton & Connor Talbot

December 11th 2012 – ISBN: 9780062264992




The Summersby’s:


  • Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure: Alexandra Summersby & Michael Ashford

May 22nd 2012 – ISBN: 9780062190314

  • There’s Something About Lady Mary: Ryan Summersby & Mary Croyden

November 13th 2012 – ISBN: 9780062225375

  • The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda: William Summersby & Lucy Blackwell

November 20th 2012 – ISBN: 9780062225399


The Kingsborough Ball:


  • The Trouble With Being A Duke:Isabella Chilcott & Anthony Hurst

August 27th 2013 – ISBN: 9780062245076

  • The Scandal In Kissing An Heir:Rebecca Shaw & Daniel Neville

December 31st 2013 – ISBN: 9780062245175

  • The Danger In Tempting An Earl:Katherine Langdon & Lucien Marvaine

July 29th  2014 – ISBN: 978-0062245182


Secrets At Thorncliff Manor:


  • Lady Sarah’s Sinful Desires:Sarah Argisle & Christopher Heartly

April 28th 2015 – ISBN: 978-0062358851

  • The Earl’s Complete Surrender:Chloe Heartly & James Burke

December 29th 2015 – ISBN: 978-0062358899

  • His Scandalous Kiss: Mary Bourneville & Richard Heartly

July 26th 2016 – ISBN: 978-0062358912

  • Christmas At Thorncliff Manor

December 5th 2017 – ISBN: 978-1974253029


Diamonds In The Rough:


  • A Most Unlikely Duke: Raphe Matthews & Gabriella Radcliffe

June 27th 2017 – ISBN: 978-0062566782

  • The Duke Of Her Desire: Amelia Matthews & Thomas Heathmore

December 26th 2017 – ISBN: 978-0062566829

  • The Illegitimate Duke: Juliette Mathews & Florian Lowell

August 28th 2018- ISBN: 978-0062849724


The Honorable Scoundrels:


  • The Governess Who Captured His Heart: Louise Potter & Alistair Langley

November 7th 2017 – ISBN: 9781386537823

  • The Earl Who Loved Her: Eve Potter & Bryce Harlowe

November 14th 2017 – ISBN: 9781386639091

  • The Duke Who Came To Town: Josepine Potter & Devon, Duke of Snowdon

November 21st 2017 – ISBN: 9781386581703




Sophie’s article about the appeal of the wounded hero featuring interviews with other notable historical romance authors, was featured in the July 2016 issue of RT Magazine.


Sophie’ article about the positive impact of romance novels was featured in the March 2016 issue of RT Magazine.

16-17.RT.85.WhyRomanceGoodForYouFEATURE (1)

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08/28/2013 – Sophie talks to Joyce Lamb about The Trouble With Being a Duke on USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog.


08/27/2013 – Making the transition from digital to print: Sophie shares her experience at Romance University.




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Q:  At what point did you decide to make writing a profession? What got you started in the industry?


A: When I received my first offer from Avon Impulse; I remember that moment as if it were yesterday – it was like a stamp of approval in a way. And then when my debut did as well as it did, I just knew that this was what I wanted to do on a permanent basis.

As far as getting started in the industry, I owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people. My mother-in-law opened my eyes to the romance genre. Before meeting her, I honestly didn’t realize that there was such a thing as a romance genre, perhaps because I was reading mainstream fiction and didn’t really think about the various categories that books might fall into. Sure, I’d heard about Jackie Collins, Jilly Cooper and Barbara Cartland, but I was completely unaware of how huge the romance industry is. Due to my personal fondness for historical settings in both books and movies, I chose to give Regency romance a try, and although it was harder than I anticipated because of all the research required (I suddenly realized that I didn’t know nearly as much as I thought I did about that period), it’s been a truly wonderful category for me.


Q:  How long have you been writing?


A:  For about ten years, but I took a break when my kids were born. The first book I started is still incomplete to this day. It’s not a romance novel, so maybe that explains it. It’s historical fiction and required so much research that I simply couldn’t handle it with two small boys crawling around the house. Eventually, I wrote my first book which, as fun as it was to write, remains unpublished. This, along with How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, was written in small half hour intervals while my kids were napping.


Q: How do you approach a difficult scene? Do you tackle it head on or take time to mull it over?


A: I usually push through and try to get the words down even if it’s complete rubbish. Writing helps me brainstorm. I’ll usually mull it over after, once I have a better idea of whether or not the scene I’ve just written will work. Forcing myself to write gives me a clearer perspective.


Q:  In general, how many drafts and edits do you go through per novel?


A: Hmmm…If I think about my most recent novel, I went through it four times before submitting it to my editor. I’ve gone over it twice more since then and expect to go over it another two times before it’s out of my hands, so about eight drafts in total.


Q:  Because the writing process is all-consuming, how do you re-energize yourself and gear up for the next novel? Do you take time off?


A:  I usually take about a week off to do other things and then gradually work my way back into the writing process by doing outlines and character developments for a few days.


Q:  Which of all your novels do you hold closest to your heart? Why?


A:  Perhaps How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, because it was my very first publication, and then The Trouble With Being A Duke, because it was my first print novel and the first one to make it into Barnes & Noble.


Q:  What is the most profound piece of advice you would offer a newbie to the industry?


A:  Be courageous and be persistent. The worst thing you can do is give up. The second worst thing you can do is keep your book to yourself. Sharing your writing with others is terrifying. I still bite my nails in anticipation of what my editor will think about the novel I spent six months working on. But you won’t make it unless you cross your fingers and toes and just send it out into the world. Most authors I know have had their share of rejection letters, myself included. Both JK Rawling and Nicholas Sparks were lucky that someone pulled their first manuscripts out of the slush pile, so don’t lose hope just because it’s taking a bit longer than you’d hoped it would. And if you write romance, join RWA and attend their conferences – it’s a great way to network and to meet both agents and publishers.


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