“Regency fans will happily devour this tale’s heady passion, comical interludes, and engaging story.”

Publishers Weekly *starred* review

“Barnes uses our cultural love affair with the Cinderella story to her advantage as she crafts a fun, fast-paced, wish-fulfilling romance that tugs at readers’ hearts. She gifts readers with a hero who struggles with his need to become a better man, a heroine who fights against her attraction to a man above her station, a cruel villainess — and a few smile-inducing surprises.”

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The Trouble with being a Duke:

Kingsborough Ball – Book 1


Sometimes happily ever after…

Anthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough knows the time has come for him to produce an heir. But first he must find a bride. When he meets the most exquisite woman at his masquerade ball, he thinks his search is over…until the breathtaking beauty runs off. With few clues other than her figure, her scent, and the memory of her kiss, Anthony must find his mystery lady.

…needs a little bit of help.

Isabella Chilcott can scarcely believe it: she is finally at the Kingsborough Ball. As a child, she dreamed of dancing a waltz here and now, thanks to a gorgeous gown she’s found in the attic, Isabella is living her fairytale fantasy. And she’s waltzing with the Duke of Kingsborough himself! But she must escape before he discovers her secrets…for she is not who she pretends to be, and falling in love with Prince Charming is the last thing she can allow herself to do…



The Trouble with being a Duke
ISBN: 9780062245076




In May of 2012, after submitting a proposal for Five Golden Rings, my editor called to ask if I would be interested in turning my idea into a three book series instead. I was thrilled with the offer and immediately went to work on the plots. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge since the three stories would be taking place in parallel and with a few occasional overlaps – though not so many that the readers would feel as if they were getting the same story more than once, but just from a different angle. To accomplish my goal, I decided that everything would be a lot simpler if the main characters were not related to each other in any way, but only friends or acquaintances at most.

The first book in the Series – The Trouble With Being A Duke – contains the plot I initially proposed for the novella, while the two subsequent books came to life after I received the three book offer. As you will discover, there is a small element of Cinderella to it.

Set in the fictitious town of Moxley, the Kingsborough Ball is hosted in the spring, which is wonderful since I finally get to include my favorite flowers – daffodils – in my books. As you’ll notice, they’re my heroine’s favorite flower as well, and her reference to them as ‘happy’ flowers (a simple but apt description), is one that I can thank my mother for, while Isabella’s ability to split an apple in two by twisting it was inspired by my grandmother – I’ve yet to figure out how she did it.




Coming December 31st 2013

Coming July 29th 2014



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